Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Expected

On Monday, my subbing book had a little sticky note on it. Inwardly, I groaned.

When we check in, we get a little book with information that I don't need and a key that I do. (The information includes a school schedule and a school map.) If the secretary included a sticky note, it meant she wanted me to cover an extra class on my prep period.

I inwardly groaned, but I accepted the extra class.

So, after the last student left 4th period, I locked the door and headed for the class I was to cover 5th. The teacher was there as was the teacher from next door. They both looked at me questioningly.

The teacher had asked his neighbor to cover his 5th period class. (The two of them do this all the time. They both teach computer classes.) Somehow, when the teacher told the secretary that he needed to leave school early, she took it to mean that she needed to get him a sub.

I was willing to leave, but the other teacher decided to go to lunch early. So, I stayed.

It was an easy class. HTML. Small group. They worked, I sat. Pretty much what I expected.

It is just so awkward to walk into a class and be a surprise. By now I should be used to it, but it still bothers me, every time.


  1. Sticky note of doom. I'm glad I have a job working for the government.

  2. Some things you never get used to. At least it was an easy class.

  3. It certainly is weird to be a surprise. Too often, teachers don't get subs, so they'll never say no to a free one!


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