Monday, May 21, 2012


When I got to class on Friday, the first thing I did was to peruse the lesson plans. The environmental science periods had an article to read and questions to answer. The biology periods had the end of year calendar review assignment (all the biology classes at that school do it). And then for the last period of the day, there were two words written: "tennis courts".


Not that I have anything against tennis. I just hate covering athletics.

It happens from time to time. There are quite a few teachers who coach something or other. When they have a sub that sub must cover all their classes, including the one that is outside where the kiddos play some sport.

If I'm lucky, there's some assistant coach who can take care of it. But much of the time, I have to go out and "supervise". It's more like I get to try to figure out where the coach meets his/her team, figure out how to make sure that attendance is taken, and then stand around for an hour while the team captain takes the students through some sort of practice.

This would all be easier if the coach would write more in the lesson plans. They don't. So, I'm left to scramble and try to figure out where to go and what to do.

On Friday, it wasn't too bad. The tennis courts were easy to find. The tennis team was done for the season, so they spent the period hitting a few tennis balls around.

Actually, it isn't all that bad, generally. Even the time I covered for the varsity football coach things went pretty smoothly (and those boys could have easily broken me in half). But there's something about being outside that I just don't like.

At least it's only one period out of the day. And it doesn't happen all that often.


  1. Maybe you could take along a nice book to read while they hit the ball around the court. That doesn't sound too bad.

  2. I'd hate it if I was a sub and had to cover athletics. I can fake my way through a lot of things but sports isn't one of them. I hope you don't get stuck with it again anytime soon.

  3. You know me--I rarely minded covering PE. It's easier to let them run around outside or in a gym than to make sure they're on task for a class. Not that every class was perfect. Glad your tennis time wasn't too bad!


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