Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Missing the Hint

Friday I was back at the continuation high school. I got to cover the opportunity class. (I've covered this class lots of times.)

It was the last period of the day. Another student came by to "visit".

This happened all day. Students popped in, said "hi", and left. Most wanted to see Ms. G, so when they saw that she was out, they turned around and left. This was fine by me.

This last student, however, didn't want to go. But his presence riled up the inmates. He couldn't stay.

Me: Where are you supposed to be?

Student: This is my 6th period class.

Me: It's 7th period. Which class should you be in for 7th period?

Student: I have permission to be here. See. (He held up his pass.)

Me: Okay, you have permission to be out of class, but you can't stay here.

Even after this, I still had to use the words, "I'm kicking you out," before he got the hint. (Although, at that point it was no longer a hint.)

Things didn't calm down that much after that, but at least I didn't have that one student irritating the other boys. (I think they were showing off for him.) Friday was a very long day.


  1. It's strange how kids will show off for other kids but they won't show off for you or me. It'd be nice if sometime when I walked in a room, people acted like they really wanted me to be there. Maybe it's all a sexual thing as all these horny teenagers get riled up by the presence of another one of their kind.

  2. Last period of Friday is probably long for everyone. And of course the kids have to annoy the poor sub.


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