Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm a Hologram

As with most student conversations that lure me in, I joined late. The thing that caught my ear was the statement, "I'm a hologram."


Reggie was arguing with three other students. Reggie reminded them that Tupac was dead. The others disagreed. They all claimed that they were holograms too. (How this proved that Tupac was still alive did not get explained to me.)

Reggie touched one of them. He told them that if they were really holograms, his hand should pass right through them. Hands passing right through? The three started giving Reggie the proof he needed.

"See, it passed right through my hand."

Yep, the pencil did pass through the student's hand--between his fingers. He tried the trick again using another pen, but Reggie pointed out the obvious. The other student seemed to think his point was proven.

Then a second student showed how his finger went through a piece of paper. After he poked a hole through it.

Reggie was beside himself. I couldn't stop laughing.

"I can walk through that wall."

The door was open.

"See, that girl just walked through that wall."

She left the room to use the restroom. She left through the open door.

I told Reggie that it wasn't worth getting worked up about. He should enjoy the show as much as I was. (I normally keep a straight face when such things go on, but this time it was just so ridiculous that I couldn't.)

Eventually, the conversation turned and Reggie found other ways not to do the assignment. (They were to write two facts per page from their reading from the textbook. Reggie wrote: "Jupiter has gravity." I thought that was a bit general and vague.) The class ended without further reference to holograms...

Then, after lunch, I opened the door to let the students in. As students passed outside, I heard calls.

"I'm a hologram."

Okay. Fine. Whatever.



  1. Oh how fun. What imaginations. That kid sounds like a YouTube star in the making. I woulda taken out my phone and started video recording and then uploaded it later.

  2. This conversation is so unbelievable. I can't even put what I think of it into words, it's that insane. They didn't by any chance have bloodshot eyes and the munchies, did they?


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