Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Physics Class

Student: "Do you understand physics?"

Me: "Yes."

Student: "Really?"

Because, apparently, I would lie about such a thing.

No, not really.  I think she was expecting a different answer, and needed me to say yes again to verify that she had heard me correctly.

I got to cover a physics class today.  Insert happy dance here.  Unfortunately, it was like just about any high school class I cover.  I spent the day trying to get them off of their strange conversations and back to the subject at hand.

Mostly, they worked on the assignment.  A few asked for my help.  But during 6th period, no one would ask me anything.  They asked each other, but not me.  Sniff.

They had this attitude about it.  It's not like the sub knows anything.  Go away while we do our work.  We're honor students.  We're smarter than you.

Okay, I'm projecting.  I'm in a bit of a strange mood today.  I guess I've been spending way too much time alone.  It's a good thing I worked; I needed to get out of the house.


  1. No you are not projecting. I find that even in the elementary grades, the kids ignore the sub.
    Just keep doing your best, that is all you can do!
    Smiles to you.

  2. Funny thing was, today they figured out that my degree is in physics. They wanted to know why I didn't announce this yesterday. Not that they asked for my help today.


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