Friday, December 10, 2010

Strange Freshmen

I need a nap.  I just spent two days subbing freshmen classes, and the teachers left me videos.

A funny thing happened, though.  Normally, I spend the day shushing students.  They don't care about the video.  It's boring.  They've seen it before.  I've heard every excuse.  But yesterday and today, I barely had an issue.  It was weird.

These were 9th graders.  It's December.  I expected to have to keep after them.  When I saw the video, I thought about all the days where I could barely hear the video because the students would not stop talking.  I put the video in, thinking the worst.  Then, I was pleasantly surprised.

There was one class yesterday that really freaked me out.  The bell rang to start class.  The entire room was silent.  They were all watching me.  Waiting.

That never happens.

I even got the other classes' attention without having to resort to my loud voice.  Once it was time to start and I asked for attention, I got it.

I probably shouldn't be talking about this.  I might jinx it.  It's weird and strange and unusual, but it's a really nice change.

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