Monday, June 21, 2010

Surprise Call

The last day of school was Thursday the 17th.

I sort of signed up for summer school.  I told the sub caller I'd be on the list, but then she called me a week later to ask again if I'd be on the list, so I wasn't sure if she had me down on it or not.  I didn't worry about it too much.  In past years I've worked maybe twice for summer school.

(I am only on the list so that they know I'm available when the continuation high school starts up again around July 20th.  I get a few more days there.)

Summer school starts on June 28th.  This is my for sure free week.

So, I was surprised to get a voice mail on my cell phone (that's the number that the sub caller has).  I thought the sub caller might be calling about my being on the summer school list.  What I heard was a message I did not expect.

"Would you be available to work on Monday the 21st?"

The call was from the secretary at the continuation high school.  (The schools have to call us directly during the summer.)  I called her right back.

She explained that they were having their intersession this week.  (Their schedule is slightly different since they are considered a year-round school.)  The science teacher had a district meeting on the 21st, so he could come in to start the class, but he needed someone to cover after that.  Was I available?  

I picked myself up off the floor.  It's summer, and I've got a gig already?  It took me some time to mentally process this.

I went in this morning, and I had the sort of day that I expected.  I had the same group for six hours (they could earn 5 science credits this week).  Some got a lot of work done.  Some, not so much.  (I'll write about the day next time.)

The last thing I expected for today was to sub.  Wow.  Just wow.


  1. Sorry you didn't get a week off. I don't know how you continue in the summer. I need a break! Our last day is Wednesday, and I can't wait. I'm subbing gym the next two days. Thought for sure I'd have off the last day, but....

  2. It's just a day. I doubt I'll get called again for a while, if at all.


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