Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Easy Week

"Economics," the sub caller said.

It's not really my subject.  The only subject that is worse for me is Spanish (I took French).  But I had no qualms in taking the class, even for seven days.  I'm pretty good at winging it.

I had a bit of time to wonder about the class.  I talked to the sub caller about this job last week (we can call in ahead of time).  I knew that the teacher didn't only teach economics.  And it's the very end of the year.  I wondered how the seniors were going to be.

Today was day one.  Turns out the teacher is away grading AP tests.  This means he has AP classes, and those classes are done.  He also has a student teacher for two periods.  The lesson plan: videos.

It should be an interesting few days.

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  1. Videos can be easy or hard. Starting today, I have two days of Spanish.


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