Monday, June 14, 2010


I don't lose socks.  My dryer doesn't eat them.  I always get the same number of socks out of the dryer that I put in.  (Which I suppose is more of a challenge since I always wear this type of sock.)

So, I was a little disturbed to find a lone sock in my dryer the other day.

I had just finished washing a load, and I was about to put it in the dryer.  The last time I had done laundry was about a week previous.  So, the sock had been sitting in the dryer since then.  But I hadn't noticed a missing sock.

I had an even number of socks.  Now I had an odd number.

There was nothing left to do.  I had lost a sock somewhere.  I moved on.

It was about two days later when I went to get something from my underwear drawer when a sock fell out.  Ah, so that's where it went.  And my perfect record stands.


  1. You must have magical powers. I have a bag of single socks. Once in a while I'm lucky, and one falls out of a fitted sheet.

  2. If only I had the power of finding the good parking spaces.


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