Monday, June 7, 2010

The Final Project

Today the final project was due in the two periods of economics that the student teacher runs.  It was a video assignment.  The kiddos had a topic that they had to explore through interviews and other visual media.  They had to edit it and have it ready to go today.

They have had six weeks to complete the thing.

We only got to see a few of the projects today.  A couple were pretty good.  One was awful--they hadn't finished (or even started by the looks of it) editing it down to a workable version.  And a few of them hadn't finished.

Their teacher had told them that if they don't get it in today, they get a zero.  In some cases, that zero could keep them from graduating next week.  But they knew that today was the deadline for a while.  Their teacher had even reminded them of this several times last week.

Their teacher told them that they had until the end of the day.  But after his last group of seniors, he's out of the room.  He told them to bring their projects to the activities office.  He repeated this a couple times.

That's why I was surprised when a group came in looking for the student teacher.  Apparently, they had not heard him say where he would be.  Then another group came in.  And another.  One group came in and then returned later, expecting the student teacher to have come back.  I think I snapped at them.

I wonder about them.  They're graduating next week, and they're still not following directions.

(Whoa, just had an earthquake while I was writing this.  Well, at least I wasn't in the shower again.)


  1. Ugh, an earthquake. I hope it was a small one.

    It's amazing how irresponsible some students are. If they go to college, the self-direction needed probably comes as a shock.

  2. Yes, the earthquake was very small. I was the only one in my family who felt it. I guess because I was peacefully sitting (and writing).

    That was the conversation that the student teacher and I had after class--how it's going to be a shock to those kids when they are expected to get stuff done and no one is there to check up on them.


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