Friday, June 18, 2010

Year End Review

Mr. Homework gave his subbing stats for the 2009-10 school year, and it got me thinking.  Since yesterday was the last day of school, it is now time to compile my own stats.  I pulled out my records, and I started counting.

There were 180 days in the school year.  I worked for 104 of them.

Of those days, I spent 41 in high school classes, 22 in middle school classes, and 41 at the continuation high school.  (One day I spent in a 4th grade class.  The less said about that, the better.)

Twenty of those days, I subbed for teachers who did not have a prep period.  On 21 of those days, I was asked to cover a different class during the prep period.  (41 divided by 6 gives me 6 and 5/6 extra days' pay.  We get paid extra when we work that extra period.)

I spent 17 days in English classes, 8 in math (no wonder I feel like I never get math classes), 23 in social studies, 17 in science, and 13 were weird days--either roving or in testing.  I spent 4 days in core 7th grade classes (these are classes where I had the same group for 2 periods--one period of English and one period of world history).  I only spent 4 days in special education classes, but 9 in opportunity classes.  And 9 days go into the miscellaneous category--art, music, computers, ELD, health.

I worked the first day of school but not the last.  I worked seven days before the official start of the school year at the continuation high school (they're on a year-round schedule).  I'm not sure whether or not they should count with the 180 day school year.  They're not part of the traditional school year, but the continuation high school is only in session for 180 days as well.  I guess I could say that of the 180 days there, I worked 48 days.

And now the summer begins.


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