Thursday, June 3, 2010


On Tuesday, 3rd period was not pleased with the movie selection.  They said that they were going to email their teacher in hopes of convincing him to let them watch something else.  On Wednesday, one of the girls said that the teacher had okayed a movie change.  I asked for proof.

It wasn't that I thought she was lying.  I just wanted to verify her statement in some way.  I asked that she print out the email so I could see it.  (Also, that way I could see how amiable the teacher was to the change in movie.)

Today the student brought in the proof.  It turned out to be an IM chat.  There was a bit of negotiating going on between the student and teacher.  The teacher wanted to know what movie the girl wanted instead.  She started off with Mulan, which the teacher was fine with.

However, the teacher questioned that choice.  He wondered what else she might have in mind, so she upped the ante and asked for Little Miss Sunshine.  That's rated R, so that was a firm no.

Yesterday, the students decided to bring in movies for today.  There were only about four movies to choose from.  None were rated R, so we were safe.

What did the students choose to watch?  Mulan.

So, I got some peace today for one period.  None of the other classes thought to petition their teacher for a movie change, so they got to watch what was on the original lesson plan.

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  1. Good of you to ask for proof, when dealing with high schoolers I would say 'tis best to err on the side of caution.


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