Friday, May 30, 2008

She's Right There

It was the beginning of third period and I was doing the one duty I hate the most--calling out the roll.

Me: "Robert."


Me: "Jason."


Me: "I'm taking roll." I say this as I mark him present.

There's always one with the "what?" There are at least two who I have to call twice because they didn't hear me and didn't respond. (At some point I start muttering "Bueller, Bueller".) And there's at least one (but usually more than one) whose parents didn't think ahead to days like this when someone like me was going to attempt to pronounce the strangely spelled oddity without use of a pronunciation key (and all the subsequent snickers the mispronunciation always elicits).

So, I proceeded through the list...

Me: "Jasmine."


Me: "Chloe."


Me: "Jose."

No response. Jose was absent. And I was at the end of the list, but the two girls sitting in front of me had to say, "Chloe isn't here."

"Who's that over there?" I asked, pointing out Chloe.

I don't know why, but some names stick. I have had Chloe in many classes. When I see the name Chloe, I think blonde, blue-eyed, girly-girl cheerleader type. This Chloe is not that. Not that at all. Complete opposite, in fact. And that's why I remember her name.

"That's not Chloe. That's...that' twin!"

And what the two other girls could possibly get out of me marking Chloe absent? I have no idea.

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