Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Too Much Thinking

I'm back at the continuation high school, and the assignment is one of those busy work worksheets. It's keeping them busy, so there should be no complaints. They've been getting through the first four worksheets with minimal difficulties, but then they get to the 5th one, and they get stuck.

The worksheet is called "Some Even Harder Words in Washington". The idea is they are to use the letters W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N to make words, and they can even use the letters more than once. Clues are given. But this has been "too hard", and the students want to give up (and they want me to give them worksheet number six to do instead).

Some examples:
Grind the teeth.
....a bet on or...a war on.
A deep cut.
An overhead window shade to keep out the sun.
To lightly color.
A dish made from leftover meat.
The person who gives the party.
Getting older.
Win over; as a man might court or win over a lady.
A large male deer.
A mean old woman.
Another name for "country" where people live.
What trains pull into.

I was mean and made three girls work on this for an entire period (there were 25 words they had to find). I even gave hints (first letter, last letter, second letter...). The hints finally helped.

It's just sad sometimes when they won't try. It's "too hard", so they stop trying instead of buckling down and working that much harder. It discourages me sometimes.

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