Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Four Rows Too Many

I don't knit many sweaters. I tend to run warm most of the time, so I don't need many sweaters. But this one I just had to have.

As I do many nights, I was knitting while I was watching TV (the season finale of Bones). I'm nearing the armhole decreases for the left front of the cardigan, so I pulled out my tape measure and measured. And I found that I was a half inch too long.

I had, of course, already completed the back. I pulled the back out, and I put the left front up against it. The left front was four rows too long. There was no help for it; I had to rip it out.

I call these my "rookie mistakes". These are the things I do wrong that I shouldn't do wrong, but I do them wrong because I am tired when I am knitting. That's when it is time to put the thing away and stop.

So, of course I missed most of the end of Bones last night. I was a little busy ripping things out and putting live stitches back on the needle. But the sweater is fixed. And I should be able to post a picture soon (as now the sweater is starting to look like something).

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