Friday, May 16, 2008


Middle schoolers like to overshare. So, when a boy who was doubled over and moaning said that he needed some Lactaid, I gave my usual response: "TMI". Someone always says, "Huh?" and it gets explained to those who don't know. That's usually the end of it. Not today.

A girl: "LOL"

Then the class started getting unruly, so someone else called out: "STFU". This had to be explained.

The girl again: "LOL" (I guess in case I didn't catch it the first time).

So, to try to regain some control I called out: "OMG, settle down."

And then some joker had to say: "What the...?" It would have been funnier if he had said "WTF," but he didn't.

Yep, this was all my fault. I started it.

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