Thursday, May 22, 2008

ASB Election

Today the school was holding its ASB election for next year. I passed out the ballots in 3rd period as instructed, and the students spent some time going over them deciding ASB president, vice president, secretary, commissioner of assemblies, etc.

Unfortunately, the students did not know the students who were running. We had a senior TA in class, and she tried to describe the students running for office (one does the morning announcements). This I did not mind as she was not influencing their votes (she didn't get to vote as she won't be there next year). But her descriptions weren't helping much.

So, as one boy was trying to decide between two candidates that he did not know, the TA looked at me and said, "Can you imagine him at the polls?" I thought that was funny. The boy didn't get the joke.

The conversation turned to voting, so I asked the TA if she was 18 yet. Since she was, I asked her if she had registered to vote. I do this frequently with the seniors. Especially in a presidential election year, I encourage them to register and vote as soon as they can legally do so.

The topic turned to presidential politics at that point, but since the rest of the class won't be of voting age come November, and since the class assignment had to do with the Cold War (and it was a long assignment) I had to stop this quickly.

By the way, the senior girl had registered to vote.

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