Thursday, October 25, 2007

Time Management

"I do actually have a life!"

This was uttered a little over half-way through 5th period by a senior girl. She then went on to complain about the amount of work assigned. I tuned her out. I had no sympathy.

Up until this time, she had been entertaining her neighbors. I know this because they frequently laughed. There was too much conversation going on to have it all be assignment-related. But this was a 12th grade class. They knew what they had to do, they knew they had a test tomorrow, and they had the whole period to use to get some work done. If they decided to fritter away their time...

Though, there were other moments of entertainment.

Occasionally I'd walk the room, just to keep them honest. One boy had the decency to look chagrined, grab his book, open it, and pretend to work when I walked by his desk. Awww. A student who didn't come up with any long winded excuses. How nice.

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