Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Technical Difficulties


I'm not a huge fan of "Stargate: Atlantis". I greatly miss "Stargate SG-1" and still mourn its passing. Its spin-off hasn't pulled me in like the original show (the movie is a whole different topic altogether), but I still watch it. And since I have a DVR, of course I record it so that I can watch it later.

So, today I go to turn on the show, and I get nothing. Upon further investigation, I find that my recording was "partial", and the time on the recording is 0:00. All the DVR did was to put up the information that the show existed, but it recorded none of it.

Was the DVR broken? I've been having DVR problems--an error message that says my service is "not currently active" (which is curious since my programs have been recording). When I went to watch "Stargate: Atlantis", I had just finished watching two other shows that had recorded, and I had no issues with them. But then did the problem start on Friday?

So, I went through and made sure that the other Friday shows had recorded. The only other problem I found was with "Flash Gordon" (and since I'm not that into that show, no big loss). But that gave me an idea. Was it a Sci Fi Channel thing?

That's where the issue turned out to be. For some reason, the program information said that the show was on from 6:00-6:02. And since the DVR thought it recorded this first 2 minute showing, it didn't attempt to record the show later. I looked--no replays. So, I've missed the show this week with no way to go back and see it later.

Stupid &%$@! Mercury retrograde!

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