Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Renovation Island

Summer 2020. There was nothing much on TV. I was caught up on my usual shows, and I had found a couple new shows to stream. And then my roommates found a little Canadian import on HGTV

Renovation Island (I believe it's titled Island of Bryan in Canada) is about a married couple that buy a rundown resort in the Bahamas and set about bringing it back to life. Bryan is a contractor. His wife Sarah does the decorating and designing. And they moved their four children down there with them. 

I'm not really a reality TV person, but I do enjoy reality decorating shows. This is more of a reality Money Pit. They planned to get the resort ready for guests in six months. Spoiler alert: they did not.

And, of course, they started all this just before Covid hit. By the time they could open, they couldn't open. But that's an issue for season 3, I think. (It was kind of hard to keep track of what was what season.) 

I found the whole thing fascinating. Who wouldn't want to see scenery from far away places when one is stuck at home during a global pandemic? 

So, while figuring out what to write about for this week, I figured this would be a good show to recommend. It's winter. They're in the Bahamas in the warmth. Sunshine and ocean views? 

I could not find a trailer to embed, but if you click on the link to the show, there's a video there to sample. From what I can find, I believe you can stream it on Discovery Plus, although it might still be available On Demand from your cable provider if you get HGTV. 

Have you seen Renovation Island? Are there any smaller genre-type shows you like to watch?


  1. I have not seen that but that would be interesting.

    1. It is. As long as you enjoy watching someone else's disasters ;)

  2. I like creative show, and I think I would enjoy it.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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