Monday, November 8, 2021

Missed my Deadline

Last week: 

I imagined that I would have completed octopus #3 by today. Back when I started the whole project, the first week of November was my goal completion date.

I failed to meet that deadline.

Where I am at the moment: 

Last week I was on the fourth tentacle with suckers. This week I'm on the eighth. 

I mean, it's not bad. And since these are Christmas presents, my very early self-deadline passing isn't terrible. 

I'm just a little disappointed in my myself. A very little. 

(I was not expecting that long-term gig I fell into in September, nor the one I just fell into. Things have just been taking longer than expected. Sigh. It happens.) 

This is why I make very early self-deadlines. So I can fail at them without actually failing to have things complete when they need to be. (It's a strategy I've used much of my adult life.)

Hopefully things will go more quickly this week. We'll see.


  1. No reason to feel disappointed, you had a lot on your plate.

  2. It looks like you'll be done with plenty of time to spare. They are SO cute!

  3. Yes, it's smart to set early deadlines. They'll still be ready for Christmas (knock on wood) and that's the important part. Also it's looking great!

  4. No, that's smart, because you will make the deadline that matters - Christmas!

  5. Eearly deadlines are clever - must try and do that next time (not admitting how late my project is!)

  6. I'm like you. I set early deadlines.

  7. No need to be disappointed. It will all be good at the end.

    1. Hopefully. We'll see how much I get done this week.

  8. Yeah, it's good to have deadlines you can kind of miss sometimes.

  9. For me deadlines work. But too many deadlines for too many things can be make me frustrated when I can't meet them. So, I just try to prioritize, and let some go.

  10. Hi Liz - well done on being prepared - I love the octopii ... especially the colour variations ... this one is special - Nearly there with your goal - cheers H

  11. Don’t be so hard on yourself because they will be ready for Christmas and that’s the main thing. This one looks quite good too.


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