Monday, November 19, 2018

Christmas Tree Ornaments and Mermaid Lip Balm Holders

I got all the knitted and beaded ornaments listed, at least I got the ones listed that I have pictures for. (They're here if you're interested.) I'll just add the ones not listed to the pile of stuff I still need to photograph.

If you recall, a while ago I made a mermaid tail lip balm holder in teal blue. Only, I couldn't get the color to come out right in the photograph...

It turns out that the fixes I used to get purple to work also helped with the teal. Now I get pictures that look like this...

Which is such a better representation of the actual color. I was happy enough with it that I got it listed, too.

I also managed to make and list mermaid tail lip balm holders for the EOS lip balms...

I just like the way it looks when upside down. But hanging from a lanyard, it looks like this...

I'll be listing more of these as the week progresses. You can find all these lip balm holders here.


  1. With photography, you just have to keep playing with it until you get what you want.

  2. There is quite a difference in the two colors of the lip balm holder. Glad you kept playing around with it and got it to work!


  3. The photo showcasing the ornaments really pops with color. Well done.

  4. Wow, what a difference in color. Light wavelengths can behave so weirdly sometimes.

  5. Well done Liz - they look delightful ... love seeing them. Those photos are amazing aren't they ... such a change in colour ... cheers Hilary

  6. Still stunned at the colour difference. Are you sure they aren't two different wools *wink*. It's great the new settings are working for you.

  7. Accurate color - it's not that easy, and you have learned the skill. It does make a big difference, especially when you are trying to sell items.

    1. I would have thought that a camera would replicate the correct color just out of the box...

  8. After seeing your crocheted tails, mermaids would want their own own for when they go sunbathing on the rocks.

  9. Hooray for figuring out how to photograph annoying colors!

  10. Nicely done. And neat question following on. Be well!

  11. These are great looking and I’m surprised at how much of a difference the colour looks. I’m glad you got that figured out for the most part and love those lip balm holders.


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