Monday, February 20, 2017

Kitty Ears

I have hit the part of the year where I have no outstanding projects, so I'm working through my backlog of odd ideas...

A few years ago, I bought some plastic headbands with foam. (Click on the link to see what I'm talking about. This is not where I bought them, though. They have since been discontinued from that retailer.) I ordered them because I hadn't quite made the minimum threshold for free shipping I thought I could come up with a knitted cover for them.

A few years later...

You know those cat ear headbands? I kinda wanted to try my hand at making something similar. So, I thought and I plotted and I knit. I even braved Kitchener stitch. And...

...I finally got a working model. (In orange, natch.)

OK. Curiosity sated.

And for me, I'm posting the pattern I used so that I won't lose it later.

Knit Headband Cover

  • Caron Simply Soft Yarn (this project doesn't use all that much yarn--use whatever scrap yarn you've got)
  • Plastic Headband with Foam--1 1/2 inch
  • Size 7 needles
  • Scrap Yarn
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Pipe Cleaners
18 sts and 26 rows/4 inches in stockinette stitch

Using a provisional cast on (I used the crochet chain method) cast on 66 stitches
Work 10 rows in stockinette stitch (knit right side, purl wrong side)
Unravel the provisional cast on and place live stitches on needle
(Note: instead of using needles, I placed all live stitches--from both ends--on scrap yarn.)
Graft first row to last row around the headband using Kitchener stitch
Sew ends shut, then wind in ends

Ears are made using one pipe cleaner in matching color. Cut in half. Fold each piece in half. Bend the ends at a little under half an inch. Place them evenly on the headband, sticking the pipe cleaners through the knit stitches.

If you attempt this, I would love to see how yours turns out. I'm on Twitter, Instagram, and Ravelry as @ZiziRho.


  1. Its cute!! I would imagine if you made more, they could be popular for preteen girls


  2. Won't try it but it is so cute. If you try to sell these, I'll be curious to know how you make out. Alana

    1. I don't know if I will sell them. Maybe try them at the farmers market? Not sure.

  3. You'll eventually make something that folks can't get enough of and then you'll have to keep doing it. Perfect sense from a financial perspective and you'll be a smash it!

  4. I think people who love cats will love this head band especially teens. happy Monday!

    1. That's where I got the idea. They have those very subtle metal ones that are the rage right now.

  5. Replies
    1. Definitely do. But, make sure you're comfortable with Kitchener stitch. Kinda vital to making it all look like one piece.

  6. Hi Liz - I'm sure many will snap those up ... and you could include a jelly sometimes ... fun - cheers and good luck with the sales angle .. Hilary

  7. How cute. My teen girls would love these.

  8. Cute! Nice use of pipe cleaners, too :)

  9. Awesome! Hey, I'd like to ask your expert opinion on a blog issue. You were kind to comment on a new post but I meant to set it for March, not back date it to Feb 16. ~rolls eyes at self~ Should I re-post it on the planned date for those not subscribing to my blog or let it sit? Thanks in advance, my friend.

    1. Oh, I got my answer. I feared changing the date would lose comments and a friend explained that was not true.

    2. Yeah, you can back date and forward date any post. You can cut off comments, too. It'll only delete previous comments if you tell it to.

  10. Are cat ear headbands the new trend? Similar to the pussy hats?

    It seems like this would be good for Halloween?

    1. They've been around longer. I've seen girls wear the very subtle versions for at least a year. I know I've been wanting to do this for at least that long. They're probably more a Halloween thing.

  11. They're cute, and orange tabbies are the best, so good color choice! Have you seen the lion manes they have for cats? It looks like you just strap it on to their heads, and they come in a variety of colors. I'm not sure why, but this made me think of them.


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