Monday, November 9, 2015

Reknitting the Pyramid

Once upon a time, I knitted a pyramid pillow for my ereader. For my Nook. Because I wanted to have something to prop it against while I was reading. (Of course, the long story is that in the end, it didn't really work.)

kindle or nook pillow, pyramid pillow, knitted

But just because it didn't work for me didn't mean that others couldn't find a use for it. So, I took the original pattern (which was more of a muslin anyway) and created the Tablet Buddy. It had a better base and sides with a cable to give it interest.

And I sized the pattern up and down so now not only could you use it to prop up an ereader (for a Kindle or Nook or mini-tablet), but you could also use it for your smartphone (it works just fine with my iPhone 6+) or your full sized tablet (iPad or any similarly sized device).

pyramid pillow to hold electronic devices

Since the above picture was taken, I have managed to part with the small (phone) and medium (ereader) sized pillows. But the gray full-sized pyramid is still in my possession...

pyramid pillow, knitted pillow, tablet support

It's been a fixture at my farmers market outings, many times holding up the magnet board...

electronic device supports, pillow pyramids

But since I knit that pyramid, I have made some tweaks to the pattern. Well, not to the pattern itself. I've just added putting a triangular piece of cardboard in the bottom so that the pyramid sits flat on any surface. (This was a suggestion in the comments for the muslin version's page on Ravelry.) It stabilizes the thing very nicely.

Every phone prop I now make has this added feature. (The "Knitted Desk Cell Phone Holder" is also available ready-made via Zizi Rho Designs on Etsy.) And it just occurred to me that perhaps it was time to add cardboard to the bottom of my other pyramid pillows. (By "just" I mean last week.)

First step, take the pillow apart.

So, I did this. I frogged the whole pyramid and started reworking it...

knitted base, knitting in progress

Only this time, I'm adding in the cardboard at the bottom. (I cover the cardboard in duct tape. Just because. No one's ever going to see it, but it makes me feel better.)

knitted base, cardboard support

I'm thinking of adding in a purple stripe as well. I should have the thing remade by this time next week. I hope. If I get it done, I'll post pics.

Because, you know, instead of doing any Christmas gift knitting or ornament knitting for my various markets, I'd rather reknit something that was finished ages ago.


  1. I think it's really clever. Glad you found a way to stabilize it.

  2. It must be something in your mind that wanted to solve the problem with it instead of advancing further with other projects. Glad you figured it out :)


    1. I'm not sure what problem I was solving, though. I've been making them with cardboard bases for a while now. This one was made before that.

  3. I have one of the cell phone holders that you made for me. I used to use it all the time. I haven't used it lately because I haven't yet found the box in which I packed it when I moved. I miss it, though, so I hope I find it soon!

    Glad you found a stabilizing solution!

  4. What a clever idea. I use a really fluffy pillow for my Nook when I am reading!

  5. That is a great idea and handmade too! Love it!

  6. It's a good idea to have a cardboard base to it. I bet that works well. Too bad my lap is usually occupied by a cat when I'm reading. I might still look at getting one, though :)

  7. Sometimes the urge to do that just has to be listened to before you can move on. Hope the rework has gone well!

  8. Great idea and love it that you had to go back and fix the problem!

  9. You're utilising consumer feedback! Go girl!

  10. Kind of like revising a manuscript -- it never feels finished.


  11. What a damn fine knitter you are. They all look so perfect. Highest praise I can give is they look machine knitting is shit.

    1. Thanks. It took a lot of years and a lot of practice.


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