Monday, March 2, 2015

Dress Debate All Day

Friday morning on my drive into work I had the radio on. I flip stations until I find music, but this is harder and harder to do as even my go-to station switched to morning personalities that like to talk and talk and talk. Sigh. 

So, when one of the personalities talked about the Internet being used to argue about a dress or watch the llamas, I didn't think much of it and switched the station. I should mention that I had just been hit with a cold, so Thursday night I spent dozing while the TV was on in the background. I had seen a link on Facebook to something about llamas, but I didn't watch it, nor did I care to. And the dress? I hadn't heard a thing.

My prep period was 1st, so of course I was sent to cover another class. The teacher had a meeting, so she was there putting up the day's lesson on the projector as the students began arriving. A student asked Ms. F if she could show her something. She pulled out her phone.

"What color is this?"

And that is how I was introduced to #TheDress.

(I am not going to go into an explanation about this thing. If you have blissfully missed the brouhaha, you can click on the link to learn what this thing is about.)

12th grade English. They had several assignments to complete. And all they could talk about was that stupid dress.

They debated. Loudly. Their teacher and an assistant principal were in the room and they argued. Depending upon which side one was on, the student was either derided or supported. And it went on and on and on. Because yelling at one another is going to change how one perceives something.

But eventually they wore out the topic and the conversation turned to... the llamas.

And it continued all day long. Even in the class where I was for the rest of the day. That damn dress. Every. Single. Period. Someone brought it up.

I really hope they got it out of their system. Because if I go into work today and have to hear about it again...

So, how did you hear about the dress? Do you actually care? Did you get into debates with your friends and/or family?


  1. I did see the article about the dress but really didn't pay attention to it. How funny thatit was such a topic of conversation for the majority of the day and included arguments with teachers/principal :)


    1. Oh, Ms. F didn't care. Neither did the asst. principal. The only ones who cared were the students. And they really got into it.

  2. I saw an article about the dress on Facebook and Twitter, but once I read a brief description of what it was all about, I ignored the articles and went on with my life.

    I had no dress debates with any of my family or friends or coworkers. Maybe we're doing something wrong?

  3. I hadn't heard about the llamas, but I did hear about the dress. Finally checked it out yesterday. It's gold and white. The other image is just in shadow. Or Photoshopped. Either way - who cares?

  4. Better yet, don't click the link and avoid the whole debacle. It was all over Tumblr with people scientifically analyzing it and debating and so on. The only thing I can think of when asked what I think is how little I care.

  5. I saw many pictures of it and half the time it was black and blue and the other white and gold and just assumed there were two different pictures and it was a social media hoax. It was a big fuss about nothing I agree.

    1. I think there are two different pictures. Well, one picture, two different versions (it's amazing how different colors can look even when all one changes is the exposure).

  6. It cropped up on a forum I'm on, but I didn't really get what it was about until it was on the BBC News.

    I find the science behind it interesting, and I am now able to consciously switch which colour I'm seeing when I look at pictures of it, but yeah, really not worth all the fuss.

    1. I can't see the blue & black, but then again I haven't devoted much time to trying. And yeah, the fuss is crazy.

  7. Isis-who cares? Putin-Who cares? The economy-who cares? Now that dress-that is something to talk about-sad when it was on the evening news which is where I heard about it. llamas?? I guess i will check it out:)


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