Monday, March 9, 2015

Unusual Student Government

It had been a while since I had been at the continuation high school. I missed it.

The class was world history, but the teacher was in charge of the ASB 5th period.

ASB stands for Associated Student Body, and that just means it's the student government. This is the class of the student body president and all the other elected students who run all the student activities. From time to time I'll pull the ASB class, so I know what to expect. Some will do homework. Some will eat. And all will sit around and talk.

No actual student government work will get done.

And at the continuation high school? Yeah, this would be a nothing period.

I wasn't shocked to get a call from the office for a student who was leaving. Nor was I shocked to learn this was the student body president. What did shock me: she located her vice president and let her know that she was in charge.

And the vice president proceeded to actually make sure stuff got done.

And stuff actually got done. The teacher left a list. Everything on the list was dealt with.

I don't cover ASB very often. This was the second most productive ASB period I'd ever witnessed. It was a good period.

(Unfortunately, the whole day didn't go so well, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about the loudmouth in period 3.)


  1. Well of course we want to hear about the loud mouth :) I was in ASB in high school years ago; loved the period, we would get things occasionally done :)


    1. I don't want to talk about the loudmouth. She was... annoying doesn't seem to cover it.

  2. Well, I guess they take their responsibilities seriously. Whatever they are. I don't even know what the student government did in my high school, besides collect dues and plan the proms.

  3. I didn't even know a student government existed:) Glad this went well though

  4. Sounds like the vice president needs to be in charge.

  5. Yes Alex is right. A swing of leadership seems in order.

    1. The president was on top of things until she was called out of class.

  6. Could it be the influence of the regular teacher?


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