Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Interesting Choice

CAHSEE day. Ms. B was in charge.

I was doing my normal walk of the room when I spotted her. She was a normal teenage girl in normal teenage attire. She was wearing a pair of sandals with socks underneath. Pink socks. With an interesting leaf design...

Um, really?

High school dress codes can be a bit over-the-top. Banning spaghetti straps, for instance. Or the ban on non-natural hair colors. And of course there's frayed or oversized clothing. (That one is because of its association with gangs.)

But there are certain things in the dress code that make sense. Like banning drug images. Marijuana leaves? That shouldn't even be a question.

Especially when one is going to be in a room with the strictest assistant principal at the school. I mean, come on! Did the girl really think Ms. B wasn't going to notice?

Ms. B let the girl finish her test, and then as soon as she was ready to leave, Ms. B pounced.

I'm sorry, but she had it coming. I guess she wanted to push the boundaries. And the boundaries pushed back.


  1. I want to know why her parents let her have socks with a marijuana leaf on them?

  2. I just hope she passed the CAHSEE :) But it was good that she got caught for breaking the dress code.


    1. I hope she passed it, too. It's such a major thing for them all.

  3. Meh, it's just pot leaves. There are far worse things to be caught with. I'd be more sympathetic to the school if they didn't act like girls' shoulders are going to destroy society.

  4. My 22 year old son has a t shirt with one such leaf on it. I often wonder if he's just looking for trouble. They love to shock don't they?

  5. She likes to shock and try to get away with things. Now I have seen girls with spaghetti straps and one can see through the shirt which left nothing to the imagination. I would halt on that too since the girl i saw in school was making all the boys nuts...and she knew it

  6. The high school dress code is very similar to my work dress code. No spaghetti straps or images of marrijuana leaves (actually no images or slogans or anything that states an opinion.) We can have any color hair we like but no excessively baggy or tight clothing...
    Maybe she wanted to get sent home.


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