Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The New Lie

Another day in the continuation high school's English class. It was a day where we were supposed to read the selection out of their literature textbook together. I had no hope of them being pleased by this, so I pushed ahead, telling them what we were going to do and informing them that most would get a chance to read.

First thing, however: take roll. I had a seating chart. I called out the names of the students on empty desks.

"I'm over here. She moved me."

Okay. Fine. I marked this on the seating chart and moved on.

During lunch, the teacher came back to class. (She was in a meeting in the complex next door.) She had a bunch of stuff to get done. In passing, she asked how the classes had been in the morning.

I mentioned the issue with the seating chart.

"That's a new seating chart. No one has been moved."

Uh oh.

Well, I did leave all of that written down. And knowing this teacher, there will be consequences...


  1. Oooh, lying to the sub. Bad kids.

  2. I knew the moment I read the student's reason for not being in her seat that she was lying to you. Subbing at a continuation high school--yowza!

  3. I wonder if the crime will be worth the punishment.

    1. She won't get to buyout on Friday. So, no, not worth the punishment.

  4. OH, crap, I've been commenting on blogs all morning, off and on, and only just realized that Sweetie was signed in instead of me.


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