Tuesday, March 11, 2014


"What grade are you?"

Huh? The question makes no sense. At least, it makes no sense when a student is asking it of me.

That was just the beginning. Because once I figured out what he wanted to know (he was asking what grade I was in. Me? The teacher? Isn't in any grade anymore because I graduated from high school. A while ago) the questions really started up. How long had I been subbing? Did I like it? You know, the usual.

There was an actual assignment. That the boy wasn't doing. Because he was busy asking me questions. So, I cut him off. Or tried to.

"Why did you dress your water bottle?"

I scanned the room, monitoring what the rest of the students were doing. They were talking, but it was a review assignment, so I liked that they were discussing the assignment. And many of them actually were.

"What does your family...?"

There were about a dozen questions in between. Some of them were just repeats, trying to ascertain how long I'd been out of school. When I didn't answer, he asked it like, "Have you been out of school for five years? Six years?"

I hoped once he noticed I wasn't responding that he'd get bored and get to work. No such luck. He just kept peppering me with questions.

Sigh. Curiosity is great. If only his questions had been about the material he was supposed to be learning.

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  1. Apparently he finds questioning the sub more interesting than his assignment. Or maybe he's just trying to drive you insane and get entertainment value from that.


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