Monday, March 3, 2014


The 7th grade math class had a list of things to do. Homework. Packets. Test the next day. And a whole period in which to complete said assignments.

"Can we play a game?"

The teacher has a stack of games for them to play when they're finished with their work. So, I asked.

"But it's homework. That means I do it at home."

But she was in class and had time to do it in class. To finish it in class so she wouldn't be stuck with homework.

Knowing how kids think, I said that they could play games. Provided that they were finished with all their other work. And I would check.

(If I take their word for it, they'll all be "finished".)

I told the girl she could play a game. As soon as I saw all her completed work. She argued. She glared.

She spent all period doing nothing but talking to a neighbor. Her classmates took my challenge, showed me their work, and were granted game-playing privileges. The girl?

Well, I guess she really wanted to do it at home.


  1. I always loved that "homework means I do it at home" line. My kids used to say that to me all the time.

  2. Funny, I always tried to get all my work done in school so I wouldn't have any to do at home!

  3. What cruelty, making the girl do her assigned work in class. You monster!


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