Friday, March 21, 2014

Scenes from 6th Period

The lesson plan stated that the class was to continue working on their "group projects" and they were to have "four pages and three songs" by the end of the period.

Turns out the "group project" was for each 8th grade group to write a mini-musical.

One group was already finished. One group said that the one person who had all their stuff wasn't at school (naturally). One group was made up of students who had missed the day with the instructions, so they had no idea what to do.

So, naturally, the class was loud and not really all that on task. Most found something else to do.

Someone was flipping backpacks. After the second one got flipped, I kept my eyes peeled, but didn't catch the culprit trying it again.

One group kept shaking a cell phone. (I allowed the cell phones as they had to pick songs to go with their mini-musicals.) I went over to investigate. Did you know there's a Spin the Bottle app?

One student... Well, the quote was perfect as is, so I tweeted it...
And one student was so bored, he started "cleaning" the band room. He brought me all of his findings. He found two working pens, five pieces of pens, a drum stick, a tennis ball, and 8 cents. I let him keep the working pens (another student appropriated them from him) and the 8 cents (but he didn't want the change).

I suppose it could have been worse...


  1. The proper answer to making a fatality is obviously: FINISH HIM!

    Who is going around dropping change and pens in the band room?

  2. You should write a book about this; Adventures in Subbing, or something like that.

  3. I was more intrigued by the 'pieces' of pens.

    But the idea of having kids write minimusicals is a great one. Did they give you any of their ideas?

    1. I was so busy making sure they didn't do anything crazy that I didn't have time to ask them about their musicals.


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