Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Protesting the Test

The 8th graders this year...

It was Thursday. 8th grade physical science. The assignment was a study guide for the chapter test on Friday. I explained...

"What? We have a test tomorrow? He didn't tell us!"

Me: "I'm telling you now."

"But that's not good enough..."

Okay. Whatever. I wasn't springing the test on them that day.

They were not pleased. I had to fix this. Mr. J couldn't give them a test tomorrow.

I explained that I was just the messenger. Complaints would have to be brought up with their teacher. Who wasn't there. And they might as well take the whole period to work on the study guide so that they were ready for the test.

Later, the principal and a counselor walked in. Dress code check. I was busy answering a student question. Another student called them over.

"He can't give us a test tomorrow. Some of this material is from January."

The girl sounded incensed. She showed her notes. They were dated January 24th. (These were notes that went along with a question on the study guide.) She then explained that they had spent much of the week in the computer lab working on science fair stuff, so how could they be expected to take a test tomorrow?

Yes, she was complaining to the principal about a test. A test they had a study guide for.

Sorely tempted, I somehow managed to hold in my laughter. To her credit, so did the principal. I didn't hear what she said to the student, but she was pretty clear that the test was going to go forward as scheduled.

I made sure to note this incident in my note to the teacher. You know, just in case the principal follows up...


  1. LOL! The things kids think are not fair... I think if they lived in a 3rd world country for a couple days, they would stop complaining about little things like that. Of course, If we lived in a third world country for a couple days, we'd probably stop complaining about most things too.

  2. That's so adorable. I bet their teacher really would have burst out laughing.


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