Monday, November 5, 2012

Way Too Paranoid

Algebra readiness. A class so challenging it had two teachers.

I went over the class' assignment. The other teacher checked/collected homework. We both walked the room and helped students who needed assistance. Mostly, we tried to keep the students (who would have rather spent the period playing) on task.

I noticed two students posing. They stood in the back far corner of the room, heads together, smiles plastered on their faces. Automatically, I looked for the photographer. The boy saw me looking. I've never seen a cell phone disappear into a pocket that fast.

But not fast enough.

I extended my hand. He didn't attempt a dodge. He pulled out his cell phone, took out the battery, and handed the phone to me.

The boy explained that he didn't want administration going through his phone. Now, administration doesn't normally go rifling through confiscated cell phones. From what I've seen, they put them in a drawer until a parent comes to pick the thing up. The office staff is way too busy. But the boy gave up his phone, so I considered it done with.

I passed the phone to the other teacher. (He knows the kids. Rather than me figuring out who the student is and finding paper to write down his name, the other teacher could just look at the kid and know.)

The other teacher noted the missing battery. Once he knew who the student was, I went back to walking the room.

Then the back door opened. Security. Not only did he take the phone, he took the student.

The other teacher didn't like that the student had taken out the battery. What was he hiding? What would he post online after he got his phone back? Also, that student was a class clown, and this was a good excuse to get rid of him. (That section of the room mellowed a bit once the student left class.)

The other students didn't understand. I explained that it wouldn't be an issue if they kept their cell phones put away. They did.

Cell phones. So convenient  And such a hassle.


  1. I don't like how all the kids have cell phones these days. I think they should take them out of the schools.

  2. Wow, that IS paranoid, of both the student and the school. On one hand it's so easy to assume that someone who's protecting their privacy is hiding something. But on the other it seems like the kid was being overly cautious if he had nothing to hide.


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