Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Things I Think About

I made a new pair of earrings.

I tried to get a picture of them worn, but I can't seem to find a model. So, I had to get a picture of them on me.  

I also made a pair in purple.  

And black.  

There's no good reason for this. I sat in class one day, thinking. And these earrings formed. I tried them out, and while they weren't quite what I pictured, they were still pretty good. So, I made the Phoenix pair and started wearing them.  

I have other colors I can make these out of.  

I bet there's more too. I just have to go to the yarn store and see what colors they have.  

What do you think?  

(I'm also over at the California Crafters Club of Etsy's blog today showing off some clocks. I'd love it if you'd pop on by.)  


  1. Those are very cool earrings. I haven't worn earring in so long I'm pretty sure my holes have closed in. But my 9 year old fashionista niece would go crazy for them. Especially in pink and purple.

  2. Very nice earrings. And stop foolin' yourself. You're a model.

  3. Those are pretty. I love the colors and the feathers. Great job.


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