Friday, November 9, 2012


5th period geography. 9th graders.

First, I collected their warm ups from the week. (Many teachers assign a quick question or two for the students to answer while they take roll and get things started. They collect this once a week just to make sure the students actually do it.)

For some reason, collecting work is always a huge production. I announce it. I wait. Many pull out the paper immediately and pass it forward, but there are a few that take their time, can't find it, and hold up the whole process. I will announce, "Make sure your name is on your paper," but I still get nameless pages.

Somehow, we managed to get this done. I paper-clipped these papers together, put them aside, and then I called for their map packets. Same procedure.

I had about 3/4ths of the papers in my hands. A few papers were still making their way to the front. Discussions ensued, because their instruction was to remove the first page, make sure their name was on the second, and then pass these up. Most did this without incident, but a few hadn't been paying attention.

So, we're in the midst of all this when a voice from the back of the room announces:

"Do we have to turn anything in today?"

[Insert sarcastic comment here.]

Although, I didn't. Make a sarcastic comment, that is. I didn't have to. The rest of the class took care of it for me.

I stood there and listened. They pretty much nailed it. And said it better than I would have.


  1. Lol I've seen people say things like that in college classes...

    1. I'm not sure if that makes me feel better or worse.

  2. Wow. Sometimes I have to wonder if that whole "the internet is ruining attention spans" is not only true, but way more serious than they say.

  3. This is just the way normal humans are. It's why there's such a huge problem with voting or understanding voting or basically understanding anything on a massive scale. To be an effective teacher, you should be ready to repeat repeat repeat, and then answer questions individually, and when you think it's over, go back and answer all the questions again on an individual basis.

  4. he was probably texting someone. Sometimes I'm amazed that kids today learn anything.


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