Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wrong Time to Be Thirteen Again

Last Thursday I covered an Algebra 2 class. They had bookwork. Apparently, the teacher plays the radio in the background for them, as every class asked if they could have the radio on. They were working, so I didn't have a problem with it.

We left the radio on the station that it had been on (Jack FM). Presumably, this is the approved station (and I really wasn't in the mood for Power 106). 

They play a mix of current stuff and more "classic" tunes (I'm sorry, but I have a hard time considering the '80s classic. I guess I'm old.) I spent the day cringing at some songs I hate and enjoying some songs I love. An example of the latter:  

But this is Thursday, so there's a random question involved.

Anyway, that song came on, and I was 13 again. I realized this and thought that considering the venue, that was rather inconvenient. I'm supposed to be the adult in the room. And if I was 13, every student in that room was older than me. No one puts a 13-year-old in charge of a high school classroom.

But what if I was suddenly 13 again? What if someone found a "fountain of youth" that could be invoked using music from a different era? What if we could revert to the ages we were for those songs? What sorts of problems would that cause?

(It might be cool, though. Just not in that particular setting.)


  1. What if you were 13 again, however, you knew everything about life that you know now and had all those years and the maturity still with you? What would you do different in your 13 year old body?

  2. If I was in this time with my memories but still thirteen, I'm not sure how different it would be. Physically, I was almost exactly the same so I don't think anyone would notice (I'd be a tiny bit smaller and way more covered in zits though). If I was actually back in time, I'd totally abuse my knowledge of the future. Say hello to the new inventor of Facebook ;).


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