Friday, May 25, 2012


Wednesday was an odd day.

I got to school at about 12:15. (I was there for reentry.) As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the entire office staff exiting the school. So, when I went into the office to check in, there was no one there to check me in.

(I had seen the flyer about the staff thank you lunch that was given that day. That's where they all went.)

Well, I didn't need keys. I left my time sheet there the previous day. So, I signed in (I know where they keep the book), and I went to the classroom.

The class has gotten larger since I was there last. The instructional aide was there, so she got things set up, and I did my usual sub thing. I helped. And things went pretty smoothly. At about 4, I took my usual break, heading up to the office to use the facilities and pick up my time sheet. (I need the time sheet. No time sheet, no get paid.)

It was later in the day, so most of the staff had already gone home. Unfortunately, the secretary who prepares my time sheet was also not there. (She's usually still at school at that time.) As her office door was open, I poked my head in. I found my time sheet on her desk. It was complete.

I retrieved my time sheet and went back to class. When I left at 6:30 PM (the end of class), the office was closed. (The office staff only works until 5:30. They get there at 8 AM.) So, I managed to work a day without formally checking in or seeing any of the office staff.

(Well, I did pass by the principal when I got there, and he was in his office when I went up for my break. And the office did have people in it when I got there--two teachers on their lunch break. So, it's not like I was a total ghost.)


  1. Weird.

    And school goes until 6:30? Or you just had to work until 6:30 doing other stuff?

    1. That particular class goes to 6:30. I usually cover it because they know I will. (And the teacher requests me.)

      It's an oddball class, straddling the adult school and continuation high school.

  2. Wow. That's late. It's good that you know your way around so well. Maybe that means you'll be a full-fledged teacher soon.

  3. Ha, the phantom office staff. Good thing there wasn't any problems.


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