Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Bull Moose

This week the district is closed.  I needed it after last week.  Because of the Harry Potter preview showing Tuesday night, I never mentioned my assignments on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Well, I can't let that pass...  

Tuesday and Wednesday I covered an art class.  Fifth period was a beginning high school art class.  They were working on an interesting thing called a Doodle Noodle.  They made a large scribble on the page, and then in the loops and whatnot, they were to add designs.  I so wish I had a picture of this, for it's hard to describe, but it was an interesting project.  

They were talking and working.  I wasn't paying much attention until I heard one table start a strange story.  

Annie was explaining how she dyed a pool of water.  She added the salt dye to the pool, and then she "Mitched" it up.  

She misspoke.  She meant "mixed".  Instead of admitting that she misspoke, she acted as if she meant to say "Mitched".  

Annie explained that she held Mitch by the legs and used him to stir the dye.  He held out his hands, so she only had to rotate him, kind of like a helicopter motion.  But then since Mitch was underwater, she had to make sure to get him air so that he wouldn't drown.  

The story got more complex from there.  By the time I got over to that table several minutes later, Mitch had died in the pool.  He had been killed by some bull moose.  I don't know how the bull moose got into the picture.  Annie explained, but I couldn't follow the logic.  

Annie had drawn the bull moose.  It was the "doodle" of the Doodle Noodle she was working on.  The dyed-blue pool was the eye, and the nose was red.  

I guess you had to be there.  

The next day, Annie's table asked her about Mitch.  Annie took the drawing home to show her family.  There was an accident with the stove.  Mitch, the bull moose, and the drawing were no more.  

Sometimes they talk utter nonsense.  I don't much care, so long as they got their work done.  (They did.)  


  1. That's one complex cover up for a misspoke!

    Did you like Harry Potter?

  2. Yeah, that's what I thought.

    Yes, I did like the movie. I knew I would. I liked the book.

  3. That must have been so funny. I read all the books. They were great!


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