Friday, November 12, 2010

Greatest Hits

"Today is Monday and Friday all rolled into one."

A student in first period said this.  He was commenting that they all had yesterday off in honor of Veteran's Day but had to come back to school today.  I thought it rather clever.  It was that kind of day.

This week has been very slow.  Today was my only day subbing.  Many teachers took today off.  So did quite a few students.  One class had a third of the students absent.

Certain themes keep repeating.

In third period, a student started singing a song.  He was two notes in when I recognized it and asked him to stop.  When asked why, I explained.  He was kind enough to refrain, sort of.  Two other students asked which song, and so he had to hum a bit.  Then those students hummed a bit.  But it was over fairly quickly, and I didn't have to hear the thing again.

Then in fourth or fifth period (those classes kind of ran together in my head) we had a bee visitation.  Only one student freaked out and ran from the room.  This was a much larger class than the last time, but I had much calmer students.  Somehow, the football player managed to shoo it outside.

I mention the football player, as his team made CIF.  All day he's been asked who they're playing in the game next week.  He doesn't know yet, not until games are played this weekend, but he's sick of the question.  So, he started answering with random teams.  Ol' Miss.  LSU.  The Vikings.

They asked me (in third period) what age of students I prefer.  Since they were seniors, I said seniors.  Then I qualified, telling them that I like seniors until the spring, when they can smell graduation.  A couple of them claimed that they started counting down to graduation in September, but have since stopped.  My point was made.

It was a strange day.  But I'm glad I got to work.

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