Friday, October 29, 2010

New Voters?

Friday at the continuation high school.  Most of the students either bought out or just didn't show, so the classes were even smaller than normal.  It was a very peaceful day.

Unfortunately, this doesn't make for an interesting post.

It was Tuesday or Wednesday when one student started railing against politicians.  He was dissatisfied with the state of what he heard on the news.  It was too much Tiger Woods and not enough stuff that really mattered.

I asked him if he was going to vote.  No.  (Well, first I asked if he was over 18.  He was.)  He wasn't going to buy into all of that.  I told him that he could vote the idiots out of office.  He wasn't interested.

Various election subjects came up during the week.  Many of the students were mixed up about the various races.  I clarified that there was a governor's race and a race for the Senate.  (They thought Whitman, Brown, and Boxer were all in the same race.)  They had seen the ads, but I don't think they were paying attention.  And they weren't going to vote anyway...

So, I was surprised yesterday when one girl started in on who she was going to vote for.  She was really fired up.  She had one issue that she was interested in--the death penalty.  She's against, and that's her only criterion for who she's going to vote for for governor.

I stood there and let her talk.  I pointed out that there were other races as well and that she should research where those candidates stood on her issue.

I was glad that there was one student who was into this election.  It's so much better than apathy.  I don't even care if I agree with the students or not.  I just want to see them involved.

There is one thing that they are fired up about, though.  Proposition 19.  So, I was surprised when the boy sitting next to this girl told me about the evils of that proposition.  Of course, he's not registered to vote.

(I've been hearing about Proposition 19 from them for months.  Mostly, the sentiment I've heard is pro.)

It's too bad that the topic didn't come up earlier.  Those who are over 18 could have gotten registered and voted if they had only known about it before the deadline.


  1. That's one of things I like about teaching, engaging in conversation with the students. Too bad, the school didn't inform the students about voting.
    Have a good day.

  2. Unfortunately, the school was closed for much of October for its fall break. They did write about it in the school paper...which only came out on Thursday (a couple weeks too late).

    Not all of them are over 18, though. And there's always next time.

  3. Hey Liz! Thanks for joining my blog. :) That's interesting about Proposition 19. I hadn't heard it called that. But then, I'm not too aware about what's going on in the political realm. I probably should start paying more attention...

    What is your opinion about Proposition 19?

  4. Hello Liz

    I found you on Theresa's blog and have popped over to visit (haunt). I'm now following you.

    Good wishes


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