Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today was day two of the CAHSEE, the math day.

It was session 1. The students were working, the room was silent, and I was feeling yesterday in my legs.  I needed to sit down.

I took an unused chair and moved it to the back corner of the gym.  I had a good view of all the students.

Then, a girl raised her hand.  I jumped up...only to get my pencil caddy caught on the chair, tipping it over and dumping all the pencils on the gym's hardwood floor.  Did I mention it was silent in the gym?  I made a bit of noise.

I hadn't taken two steps when one of the other proctors got to the girl and answered her question (she needed to use the restroom).  I bent down to pick up the dozen or so pencils that were all over the floor.

Surprisingly, only one pencil broke.  Yesterday, I dropped two pencils (just clumsy) and both got their points broken off.

After that, I figured that I should probably remain standing.  Although, I probably could have just put the pencil caddy away.  I gave out very few pencils today.

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