Monday, October 11, 2010

Snipe Hunt

I forgot.  There was a notice at the mailboxes that they were going to turn off the water to the complex today.  I guess I didn't give it too much thought.  I hoped to be called to work today.

I remembered when I heard them turning off the water.  Oh well.  I guess the breakfast dishes can remain in the sink for a while.

They are looking for this mythical leak.  I used to believe in the leak, but that was years ago.  If there was really a leak, they should have found it by now.

Periodically, they put up a notice saying that they're going to shut off the water to look for "a leak".  By periodically, I mean every few months.  They shut off the water for a day, and then we hear nothing more about it until the next notice.  I think it's all a ruse.

I think they're forcibly conserving water.  We are again in a water shortage.  Although, we seem to always be in a water shortage.  We're either in one, just coming out of one, or in danger of entering one.  Ah, the joys of living in Southern California.

So, my current theory is that it's our day in the rolling black-out of water conservation.  It's a working theory, a theory I don't really believe.  If they really wanted to conserve, they'd turn off the water on a weekend, not a weekday when most people around here are out at work.

I had no plans to use water today.  I did my laundry yesterday.  The water will be back on by dinner time.  This is just a minor annoyance.

I thought this all rather apropos considering that Blog Action Day is this Friday, and this year's topic is water. What timing!

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