Friday, October 8, 2010

Needing More Rehearsal

I kinda knew it was coming.  Remember how I mentioned yesterday that it was homecoming week?  That meant that we were due to have an assembly.

(I hate assemblies.)

We were assigned to the first assembly.  (The school is so large that the entire student body can't fit into the gym at the same time, so they have two assemblies.)  The first assembly usually ends up going longer, mostly because they make all their mistakes in that one.  It's kind of like their dress rehearsal.

At the assembly, they announced the winners of prince and princess of the lower classes.  (This was after they tried to deafen us.  It wasn't so much that the music was loud; it was just that the music hit some tones that hurt.) The plan was brilliant.  They had written the names out on huge rolls of paper, and those rolls were to roll over the crowd in the seats.

Unfortunately, the execution wasn't so brilliant.

Instead of the paper rolling over the crowd, the crowd impeded the progress of the roll, stopping it and crumpling it as it made its way to the gym floor.  They didn't even bother doing this for the junior class prince and princess.  I guess they realized that it wasn't working.

Although, I wonder if it did work in the second assembly.

On the bright side, an assembly meant we were on assembly schedule, meaning that all the classes were just a bit shorter.  At least that made the day fly by.


  1. I sub at one school where I'd been there for five assemblies in one year. It does make the classes shorter, but most of them are so boring. And I'm not tied to the school so it all means less for me.

  2. Yes! Exactly! I always feel so out of place at those things.

    5 assemblies? Yikes. I was kind of hoping that this would be my last of the year.


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