Friday, April 16, 2010

The Weight Room

There were about 30 teenage boys all dressed in baggy PE shorts and T-shirts.  And "Umbrella" was on full-blast in the background.

One group was doing bench presses.  At four or five stations, boys were lifting weights while their friends were spotting them.  They'd do several repeats, and then the boys would switch positions.

A second group held the barbell behind their heads, squatting and then lifting.  They did this in a metal framework.

Then there were other various boys lifting dumbbells and walking around the room.  I saw them dropping weights on the rubberized floor.  Then they'd pick up others and place them on the barbells. But nothing stayed on the floor for long, as they were picking up after themselves.  All were busy, and they appeared to be working hard.

Today I was covering for the football coach.  It's the off-season, so the boys are doing off-season training.  I got to "supervise" the weight training (I use the quotes because the various team captains were doing the actual managing of the workout).

It was pretty easy for me.  From past experience, I know that the football coach doesn't take too kindly to his players antagonizing the sub (the words he used were "bear crawls" and "month").  So, I stood and watched.  And listened to music with a driving beat.

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