Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Faulty Subtraction

It's testing time...

Today I was assisting the librarian proctor the state tests.  The regular proctor (a teacher) was out sick today.  I could not proctor them on my own as I have not been trained.  (Not that I mind--imagine a class on sub behavior during important tests...)

We had a group of 8th graders.  The testing session was in two parts broken up with a snack break in between.

During the first session the kiddos had to answer 36 questions.  They all finished easily with time to spare.  They took their break, returned, and then were given the instructions for the second part of the test.  They were to finish questions 37 through 71.  That's when the wails and complaints started.

"But section 2 is soooo much longer.  We'll never finish."

And they were taking the math test today.

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  1. I've proctored plenty of tests. It's a strange day when they test because there's not a lot to do. As an assistant in the fifth-grade, I proctored a lot. I'd get frustrated when the students would complain or rush because the fate of the school (failing status) was riding on the results.


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