Monday, April 19, 2010

Movie Friday?

Friday was a bit crazy.  I already mentioned the period of football.  The first part of the day I had an opportunity class.

I had no lesson plans (not a good thing), but the board was covered with assignments.  I assumed that those assignments were assignments for the week, and I directed the students to continue working.  They informed me that it was Friday, that they always watched videos on Friday, and that they were done with all their work for the week.

This sounded reasonable, but I didn't believe them.  As it turned out, my instincts were right.

It was only a couple minutes later that a neighbor teacher walked in.  She had gotten a heads-up from the teacher I was subbing for that he would be out, and she came by to make sure that things were running smoothly (all would have been better if I had written lesson plans, but never mind).  She talked to the students for a moment, and then she left.

Suddenly, the insistence that it was movie Friday disappeared.  All but three of the students found books, got out paper, and at least made a pretense of getting to work.  The other three?  They still claimed that they were all finished for the week.

About an hour later, the instructional assistant arrived (his usual schedule).  Amazingly, the last three students found that they did indeed have work to do.  Fascinating.

(By the way, they did get to watch videos on Friday, but only after having worked for two hours.)

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