Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seating Chart Intelligence Test

Before the first class arrived yesterday, I stood in the front of the room and perused the seating chart.  I don't usually do this, but it seemed to me that something was wrong.  Something was.  The chart did not reflect the room.

The row on the wall to the left of me had five chairs in it.  According to the seating chart, that row should have had six chairs.  And since there were names in each of the spots, I knew something was fishy.

The first thing I did was to flip the chart over.  But no.  The front of the room said "front".  The teacher's desk was marked at the back.  So, I had it the right way round.  But it was wrong.

I didn't have any more time to figure it out as the bell then rang and the class entered.  I gave them their instructions, passed out their assignment, and then went back to trying to figure out the silly seating chart.  If I couldn't figure it out, I was going to have to call out the full roll.  40 names.  Ugh!

I'm not sure how it finally hit me, for it makes no logical sense.  The seating chart was reversed, but not front to back.  It was reversed side to side.  The mirror image.

(I went around the room and confirmed names.  I had it figured correctly.)

What should have been to my right on the seating chart was to my left, and vice versa.  So, I had to look at the left side of the seating chart and count the row on my right.  Then the row to the right of the first row on the chart was to the left of the actual row on my left.

Confused?  So was I.

And of course none of this was warned of in the lesson plans.  He must use the seating chart from the back of the room upside down.  No, that doesn't make any sense either.

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