Friday, October 10, 2008


Remember the subbing book I mentioned last week?

They used another term that I found apropos. Leslacker: a teacher who fails to leave lesson plans. It's a great term, and one that I'm going to adopt. But it doesn't describe the teacher I covered today.

I'm going to back up a bit. For most of the day I had an art class. Great group. Good lesson plans. I've had a tiring week. It wasn't the students; it was one of those weeks where I had to be on my feet all the time. Today I got to sit back and rest a bit. But then I was asked to cover an extra period (on my prep period).

It was a math class. 7th graders. And they were to do a worksheet. 21 problems. Adding fractions. And all the problems already had common denominators. It took them roughly 10 minutes to finish the thing. The periods are about an hour long.

I get this more frequently than the leslackers, and they need a name. Teachers who leave assignments that take no time at all are a sub's worst enemy. We are already at a disadvantage--we are subs. Then we have to control a class that all finished the assignment?

This teacher has done this to me before. So, on he goes to the "no, I won't sub for him" list.

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