Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saved by the Plans

I was a bit early this morning. I got to my class as usual, and I looked for the lesson plans. They weren't on the teacher's desk. They weren't on the podium. And so I started to worry. This teacher is not a leslacker. Was I there in error?

I found the teacher's calendar. On it was written that the teacher had a meeting today. So, she was due to be out. But she had left nothing for me. Since she had a meeting, I figured that she'd be by to talk to me. I hoped.

Not five minutes later the teacher next door appeared (there was a door that connected the two rooms together). The teacher I was covering had asked the teacher next door to leave the lesson plans, and she forgot. Oops.

So, I had lesson plans. And I felt a whole lot better. Subbing is hard enough. Subbing when the students have nothing to do is near impossible.

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