Sunday, December 23, 2007


I had a very interesting week. I'm just not ready to talk about it. I'm sure I will be once it stops feeling like trauma.

So, today I've been avoiding wrapping my Christmas presents.

I haven't really been avoiding it. I've been preparing to do it. It's just taken me all day. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

First I needed to wash my knits. I spent a lot of time handknitting these items. I figured that it would be nice if they didn't smell like my sweaty hands. And while I was doing that, I was figuring out how to make labels for all of my presents. That part took all day.

I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to the computer, but I'm no expert either. Today it was all about learning how to get clip art to work. I got the clip art easy enough--it just took forever to type the "to" and "from" bits and get them to line up properly.

So, the gifts are ready. I got them all into one place. The wrapping is in one place. The labels are ready. Now I can sit down and wrap. But am I? No. Instead, I'm writing this blog.

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